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Planning Application Number: R11/0699
Description: Outline application for an urban extension to Rugby for up to 6,200 dwellings together with up to 12,000sq.m retail (A1), up to 3,500sq.m financial sevices (A2) and restaurants (A3 - A5), up to 3,500sq.m for a hotel (C1), up to 2,900sq.m of community uses (D1), up to 3,100sq.m assembly and leisure uses (D2), 31 hectares (up to 106,000sq.m) of commercial and employment space (B1, B2 and B8), and ancillary facilities; a mixed use district centre and 3 subsidiary local centres including retention and re-use of the existing buildings known as 'C' Station (Grade II listed), 'A' Station and some existing agricultural buildings; a secondary school and 3 primary schools; public art; green infrastructure including formal and informal open space and amenity space; retention of existing hedgerows, areas of ridge and furrow and grassland; new woodland areas, allotments and areas for food production, wildlife corridors; supporting infrastructure (comprising utilities including gas, electricity, water, sewerage, telecommunications, and diversions as necessary); sustainable drainage systems including ponds, lakes and water courses; a link road connecting the development to Butlers Leap, estate roads and connections to the surrounding highway, cycleway and pedestrian network; ground remodelling; any necessary demolition and any ground works associated with the removal of any residual copper matting, with all matters reserved for future determination except the three highway junctions on the A428, the two junctions on the A5 and the link road junctions at Butlers Leap and Hillmorton Lane.

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